Backlink Tools That Will Boost Your SEO Strategy

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With the right backlink tools, your site will become one of the millions of websites competing to rank on Google. These sites are influenced by hundreds of factors, but backlinks from authority websites are the holy grail of ranking factors.

Backlinks can be a “vote for confidence” among the competition and are an important indicator of Google’s worth. As such, backlink tools have sprung out to help you analyze and make better-informed SEO decisions.

Most marketers or business owners who have a basic understanding of search engine optimization understand the importance of link building. But first, let’s discuss what backlinks really are and their significance.

What are Backlink Tools?

Backlink tools are software tools used to analyze, source, and attract backlinks to a website. They include tools used for keyword analysis, keyword and website position on SERPs, competitor spying, link analysis, and many more.

With backlink tools, the job of ranking a web page or website by means of incoming links is made easier for webmasters and site admins.

What is a Backlink?

A backlink is an incoming or inbound link that you get from another website. They are created when one website links to another website. For example, a cooking recipe sharing site (Website 1) links to a post on kitchen tools (Website 2), this means that the kitchen tools website has gotten a backlink from the cooking recipe site.


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Why are Backlinks Important?

SEO backlinks are crucial because they indicate to Google that an external resource has found your content valuable enough so they can link to it within their content.

Search engines will consider a website with more backlinks valuable enough to rank well in the SERPs. The importance of backlinks is decreasing as search engine algorithms become more complex.

But they still have a significant impact on the strength and authority of your site. Page authority and domain authority are important indicators of how authoritative search engines see your site.

The higher your website is ranked for the keywords you chose during keyword research, the more authoritative it will be. Not to mention the fact that backlinks can be used to help visitors find your site.

Advantages of Backlinks

Before we look at the 10 backlink tools that will enhance our SEO strategy, let’s look at some of the advantages of having backlinks.

#1. Better Organic Ranking

The first most obvious reason is that you get a better organic ranking. Search engines will rank your website higher on the SERP once they recognize your website as an authority. Google will prioritize website users visit frequently about topics they search for. Google will assume that your website is credible and valuable if it has multiple quality backlinks.

Quality backlinks can be built slowly. Don’t fall for deceptive methods to get more backlinks. These backlinks might get you the traffic that you want, but eventually, you will see how low your pages are being indexed and ranked by search engines.

#2. Backlinks can attract more backlinks

Advantages of Backlinks

A second advantage is something that not many people know about. A fraction of people will link to you if you have quality backlinks on well-known sites.

You can’t build quality links without doing proper analysis with backlink tools as it can cause more harm than good.

Backlink analysis is the cornerstone of SEO, it shows you all the backlinks you have gained and their sources. This requires you to analyze the backlinks from your top competitors. This will help you to determine the rank of your website in search results.

Here are some strategies that will help you to build a strong profile of backlinks:

  • You can start writing guest posts on high-authority websites to build backlinks that will lead to your website. Companies with a blog receive 97% more links to their websites.
  • Create quality content that high-authority websites will want to link.
  • Use backlink tools to analyze your backlinks and those of your competition to find link-building opportunities.

#3. Referral traffic is increased

Referral traffic can also be boosted by backlinks. Google Analytics tracks a visitor’s click to your website, and if the click was done from another website, it records it as a referral visit. Referral traffic is more relevant and targeted and has a lower bounce rate.

#4. Your business can be positioned as an authority

Your business is positioned as an authority when more websites link to you. Google considers backlinks one of the factors that help them understand your website. Google will learn more about your business if you have more backlinks.

10 Backlink Tools That Will Boost Your SEO Strategy


You can use the under-listed backlink tools to analyze your backlink performance and fish out opportunities to build better backlinks.

1. Webtimizer Link Analyzer

The Webtimizer Link Analyzer tool by IMarena is also related to the Webtimizer Backlink Checker. However, what the Link Analyzer does is a bit different. It analyzes the internal links you have on your website as well as all the external links you linked to from your website.

This tool then breaks down the links and gives you the total number of internal links you have on your entire site as well as the total number of external links you have on your site. It also shows you the total number of no-follow links you have on your website.

Webtimizer free tools SEO and Website Optimization

2. SemRush Keyword Tool

SEMrush can be used to analyze backlinks and help you build a content marketing plan. With innovative features like link audits, you can gain a competitive advantage.

SEMrush will allow you to view the backlinks placed on your site. This allows you to see if any link is likely to increase the domain’s load. Monitor the ratio between do-follow and no-follow links to make sure that you have more dofollow connections.

Website backlink checking can be used to determine where competitors obtain their dofollow hyperlinks. This tool allows you to search for relevant industry sources and determine if there are websites that would be interested in referring to your content.

SEMrush Features

  • SEMrush Analytics Report will provide you with insights into the strategies of your competitors.
  • The tool allows you to perform a detailed link analysis. It displays all backlinks.
  • You can view the Domain Authority of any links to your website or those of your competitors.
  • It allows you to track the geolocation of backlinks.

3. Ahrefs Keyword Tools

Ahrefs has one of the most sophisticated backlink tools available on the web. Their software will help you increase your search traffic, monitor your backlinks, and research your competitors, and many other content research tools available. With Ahrefs, you can keep track of your backlinks and keywords.

Ahrefs Features

With Ahrefs, you can –

  • Find out why your competitors rank high and the anchor text they use
  • This is an SEO tool that will give you ideas on how to rank higher than your competition.
  • It can also help you search for keywords and find backlink opportunities.
  • It is also useful for competitive analysis and monitoring the web.

4. Keyword Tools – GrowthBar

GrowthBar is one of the backlink tools that can be used to analyze SEO websites and was developed by Growth Marketing Pro.

This backlink analysis tool provides SEO insights for every keyword and website that you search when you do Google searches. It allows you to find keyword suggestions, backlinks of competitors, Google Ads data, and even Facebook Ads Data.

GrowthBar can handle all your SEO backlinking requirements right from the SERPs. It’s also more affordable than 95% of other tools.

It is possible to see the top-ranking backlinks of your competitors and their domain authority directly from the search results page. Any backlink list can be exported to a CSV file.

GrowthBar Features

  • You can see any site’s domain authority in the Google SERPs.
  • You can access the backlink data for your domain.
  • Keep an eye on the backlinks of your competitors and their domain authority.
  • For easy analysis, export hundreds of backlinks into a CSV file.
  • It’s free to try.

5. Link Assistant


Link Assistant is one of the major free backlink tools that allows you to see a list of all your backlinks, broken down into categories. This tool will show you which pages you have received the most backlinks from, and which ones are at the highest risk of being penalized.

LinkAssistant’s SEO SpyGlass offers unlimited backlinks, websites, campaigns, and exports.

The best part?

SEO SpyGlass is free to use for unlimited evaluations. You can also choose from professional or enterprise packages that include more features.

SEO SpyGlass also pulls direct links from Google Search Console and Google Analytics. The result is that you can easily see all of your backlink profiles within one database.

Link Assistant Features

  • Get historical data to see how your backlink profile has changed over time
  • Learn what content has brought you backlinks to this website
  • You can get a report that includes all your backlinks and referring domains. Profile change over time. Also, the ratio of dofollow and nofollow links
  • Domain Comparison is a great way to track competitors

6. Keyword Tools – Linkody

It’s obvious what Linkody has in store for its users from the moment they visit the Linkody homepage. It is a backlink tool that automates the entire process of tracking your link-building activities so you don’t have to check backlinks again. It can give you backlink reports for any new and lost backlinks directly to your email address.

Linkody’s popularity continues to rise. Everything is automated for you, just like every other tool on this list.

This tool can be used for many reasons, including:

  • Notifications when you lose or gain links
  • It is possible to quickly identify and remove spammy links.
  • A look inside the activities of your competitors

What I love most is being able to track new and lost links. It’s important to keep track of your link profile as it changes constantly.

It’s equally important to know the source of a link and how it might affect your search engine rankings.

You can also set up email notifications to receive link checker alerts every day. You’ll get a daily report that provides insight into your link profile’s health.

7. Webtimizer Backlink Checker

Webtimizer FREE Backlink Tools

IMarena’s Webtimizer Backlink Checker is another backlink tool you can use to analyze your website backlink. And the best part is that it is completely free

The backlink checker will analyze all your website backlinks and show you the total number of backlinks you attached to the website. All you have to do is to enter your domain name and click on submit and our tool will automatically get to work.

This is a simple backlink tool for anyone who simply needs to check his or a competitor’s backlink profile.

8. Link Research Tools

Although the name says it all, you should learn more about its features to decide if it is right for your site and approach.

This tool integrates data from 24 backend link sites, which is one of its best features. This integration ensures that you get the most accurate backlink check possible.

The company also describes the feature as “the most complete backlink profile view”.

This tool allows you to analyze each link through 97 different metrics. You can also customize the metrics and filters on the link checker tool to suit your research needs. Filters include power and trust, buzz, contact information, impact, and many others.

You can also use LinkResearchTools for other purposes:

  • Remove a Google penalty.
  • Monitor inbound links.
  • Enhance your backlinks.
  • Discover link opportunities.
  • Spot trends in link building

LinkResearchTools is the best tool to help you audit your link profile when it comes time. This tool is the most complete link checker tool available. It gives you everything that you need, and nothing you don’t.

9. Webtimizer Broken Links Finder

Webtimizer Keyword Rank Checker Tools-

This is one of the simplest backlink tools you can find and use as part of your SEO strategy.

You can use it to find broken links on other sites and contact them to request their replacement. This will help you generate high-quality incoming links.

Webtimizer Broken Links Finder makes it easy to check backlinks and speed up the process. The tool allows you to quickly perform a backlink search on a website. Some will display red, while others will appear as active or green. These are the external links that have been broken. These are the broken external links.

Although broken link building is not something you might have tried in the past, this simple tool will allow you to quickly implement it in the future.

10. Keyword Tools – Rank Signals

Rank Signals can be used to analyze backlinks. It allows you to identify the backlinks of your competitors, find new link opportunities, improve your link profile, and more.

Rank Signals Features

  • It allows you to perform competitor analysis and identify the best links of your competitors.
  • This tool will help you to identify spammy or bad links.
  • The Rank Signals link explorer tags and identify nofollow links.

11. Mangools SEO Tools

Here are some other useful and highly recommended keyword tools you can trust, from mangools.

mangools seo tools

Mangools Keyword Finder

With this premium tool. you can easily find keywords with low difficulty.

Mangools SERP Checker

Get local SERPs for more than 50k locations

Mangools SERP Rank Tracker

Daily rank tracker

Mangools SEO Authority Checker

Check competitor SEO authority

Mangools Backlinks Researcher

Find powerful backlinks you can replicate

Conclusion about Keyword Tools

The best backlink tools for backlink analysis are very useful in helping to build strong backlink profiles. They will help you identify the backlinks of competitors so that you can develop strategies to outrank them. You can increase your website’s credibility by using the backlink analysis tools described above.

Do you know of other backlink analysis software? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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