Best Website Optimization Tools: SEMrush vs Mangools vs Webtimizer

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Your SEO efforts are as good as your website optimization tools. It is these tools that make SEO a breeze, otherwise, the efforts you will put in will not be worth the reward. This article will be looking at the best 3 SEO tools which are SEMRush, Mangools, and Webtimizer tools.

Many business owners have seen the need and have taken their business online through having a website. As such, the competition is quite high. This means you should take all chances to make sure that your website is well optimized not just for search engines but for the user as well. A website with a great user experience will invariably impact positively on your business.

However, website optimization requires a lot of effort but is necessary if your goal is to stay ahead of the game in your industry. In this article, I will be walking you through how to optimize your website for the best performance on both search engines and for the end-user.

What is website optimization?

Website optimization refers to the use of controlled experimentation to increase a website’s ability to drive business goals. You will need to test and experiment with different calculated strategies to find out which one works best for your website. Webtimizer tools can help in this regard.

It can also be used to refer to the process of making a website more discoverable by search engines. The ultimate goal of website optimization is to improve search results rankings for key terms, as well as increase the user experience the best way possible.

Some key elements of website optimizations include:


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  • Design Elements – This is preliminary in web design and mostly the job of your web designer. The overall design elements should be well optimized to suit your business as well as make it easy for your visitors to understand your website and take the desired action. This includes the navigation elements, media elements, and text.
  • Speed – This is an important part of website optimization as both Google and the user value it a lot. A poor page speed will amount to a bad user experience and can also be the reason Google ranks your page lowly.
  • Content – Your content must be of good quality and be of use to your visitor. You should also make sure that it is well optimized for search engines but not in a way that will interfere with a good user experience.
  • Mobile – Over 70% of searches are made from mobile devices. You should make sure your website serves the mobile audience well in speed and design.
  • TechnicalTechnical SEO involves monitoring your website to make sure that broken links are fixed and that search engines crawl and index it as they should. The Google Seach console is a great tool to monitor and analyze your website performance on search engines. Webtimizer tools have a lot of tools within its suite that can help in this regard.
  • Best Website Optimization Tools

Importance Of Website Optimization?

Website Optimization is key to helping your website achieve its set business goals. Here are some of the benefits you can realize from optimizing your website. The Website Optimization Tools are tools used in this regard.

  • You can get higher rankings on search engine result pages (SERPs) for your desired keywords.
  • It can lead to a great user experience which will boost the confidence of your visitors in your site.
  • You can see increased conversions in the form of leads, purchases, etc.
  • You will get more targeted traffic to your site especially from search engines.

Dangers of not optimizing your website

The major danger of not optimizing your website it that you risk not achieving your set business goals. Different businesses have different goals, but most of them always align with getting more customers.

Since website optimizations will not only help you increase your chances of getting more customers but also in converting them better, you will be risking a lot not to optimize your website. Webtimizer tools, SEMRush or Mangools can help with that.

Top website optimization Tools

Without the help of software or apps, some parts of website optimizations will be a pain in the butt. We will like to introduce you to our top 3 website optimization tools that you can use in optimizing different areas of your website. These tools are comprehensive and will help you in different areas of your website optimization.


SEMRush is one of the most popular website optimization tools available today. This is because it is loaded with lots of features that help in optimizing a website for better user experience and higher rankings on search.


Here are some of the features you will find with SEMRush:

  • Domain Analytics: This is the section where you can analyze a domain to see its overall performance in search. Here you get to assess the domain authority, gain traffic insights, keyword insights, backlink insights, advertising insights, and many more advanced metrics within this section.
  • Keyword Analytics: This section is where you can perform deep keyword research. You get to either use the ‘keyword overview’ to search up to 100 keywords in bulk or you can use the ‘keyword Magic Tool’ to perform deep keyword research of a keyword. Both will show you relevant metrics like Keyword difficulty, search volume, CPC, among many others. Both Webtimizer tools and KWFinder can do this too.
  • Projects: This section comprises a handful of web optimization tools that can help you, monitor, analyze and optimize your website for higher rankings. They include the following:
    • On-Page SEO Checker  which helps you analyze how well your content is optimized for search engines
    • Position Tracking which tracks your positions on the SERPs.
    • Site Audit does a full audit of your website to show you the strength of your website as well as its weak points as well as suggestions on how you can improve on it. This feature is perhaps one of the best and most powerful optimization features of this software.
    • Backlink Audit analyzes how healthy your backlink profile is and shows you how to have a clean backlink profile.
  • There are also loads of features for Local SEO, Advertising, Content Marketing, On-Page and Technical SEO, competitor research among others.

SEMRush is no doubt a feature-rich software and little wonder the price goes for a minimum of $119.95 per month for the Pro plan.


Webtimizer tool is a suite of various free SEO and website optimization by IMarena to help businesses and website owners optimize their websites for better search engine rankings.

Webtimizer free tools SEO and Website Optimization


It is a compilation of feature-rich tools for such as search engine optimization tools keyword research tools, writing tools, website monitoring, and maintenance tools, among many others.

All-in-all, there are over 50 different tools that makeup Webtimizer Free Tools. And we keep adding more tools to make it even more comprehensive. Here is a list of some of the tools that make up Webtimizer free tools. 

We are going to group them into groups A-F.

 A) Rank Checker Tools

These are website optimization tools that help you monitor your website keyword rankings and also monitor your competitor keywords in the Webtimizer tools. They are:

  •  Alexa Rank Checker: Just as the name implies, you can use this tool to check your Alexa rank.
  • Mozrank CheckerMozRank is your link popularity score, which is determined by the quality of your links. You can also use this tool to check your MOZ rank.
  • Keyword Rank Checker – This tool helps you check your current rank in the SERPs.

B) Keyword Tools

These are tools that you can use to find and optimize your keywords for better search ranking.

Webtimizer FREE Keyword Research Tools

  • Keyword Suggestion Tool: The keyword suggestion tool helps you find highly profitable keywords you can develop to write search engine-friendly articles.
  • Longtail Keyword Suggestion Tool: Just as the name implies, you can use this tool to find longtail keyword suggestions. As you well know, longtail keywords are easier to rank for and convert pretty well.
  • Meta Tag Generator: Meta tags are HTML tag content that provides metadata about your sites such as title and description. Also, Search engines use meta tags in order to index websites and to show relevant content in search results. Use this free Webtimizer tool to generate meta tags for your website.

C) Backlink Tools

The importance of backlinks in search engine ranking can never be overemphasized. 

In the Webtimizer tools, some of the tools can be grouped as backlink tools and they are mostly used to analyze and optimize your website backlinks. Some of them include: 

  • Backlink Checker – This is a free Webtimizer tool that can check the backlink profile of any domain. You can use it to check your website backlink profile.
  • Link Analyzer: This is a tool that gives you a breakdown of your internal and external links, and as well, identifies the nofollow links.
  • Broken Link Finder: Use this free Webtimizer tool to find any broken links on your website. This has to do with all the links that give 404 errors and are not properly redirected. Such can create a bad user experience and a lot of it can harm your SEO. With IMarena’s Webtimizer tool, you can check your website for any broken links. 

D) Webtimizer Writing Tools

Webtimizer FREE Backlink Tools

A lot of effort goes into writing great articles that perform well on search engines. In this category, you will find various free Webtimizer tools that you can use to make sure you are creating high-quality articles that rank well on search engines. 

  • Grammar Checker: Articles with bad grammar make for a bad user experience and can harm your search engine rankings. You can use the free Webtimizer grammar checker tool to correct your grammatical errors and write in perfect grammar.
  •  Plagiarism Checker: Search engines can detect plagiarized content and they don’t like it. You can use our plagiarism checker to check if your content is plagiarized.
  • Article Rewriter: There are many instances where you will need an article rewriter. One of such is to rewrite copies of your articles that are marked as plagiarized. Our article rewriter helps you to rewrite any plagiarized content.
  • Keyword Density Checker: The number of times your keyword appears within your content really matters in SEO. You can check the number of times a keyword appears in your article. This will help you know whether you have a healthy dose of it within the article or not.

E) Webtimizer Website Maintenance Tools

The website optimization tools that fall into this category are those required for website maintenance. You can use these Webtimizer tools to instruct how search engines crawl your articles, like NOODP & NOYDIR. They can also be sued for maintaining and monitoring critical technical aspects of your website to meet standards set by search engines and perform optimally.

  • Robots.txt Generator: The robots.txt file is a file that helps search engine robots to understand and index your website more accurately. You can use our Robots.txt generator to generate the file.
  • XML Sitemap Generator: XML sitemaps help search engines to better index your website. You can use our XML sitemap generator to generate sitemaps you can submit to search engines.
  • HTaccess Redirect GeneratorThis tool is intended to be used for URL changes, Web migrations, and when configuring your Website’s canonical URLs. This allows you to avoid losing your old or non-canonical URLs traffic.
  • Meta tag Analyzer: The Meta tag analyzer tool is available to provide website owners with an in-depth analysis of their Meta tags and pages.
  • Google Malware Checker: This is a program that can scan websites for malware, and present web security reports to users.
  • Suspicious Domain Checker: This is a tool that can scan any website for malware to determine whether or not it is safe.

F) Webtimizer Domain Tools

In this category, you will see a good number of tools you can use to check domain metrics in the Webtimizer tools. They are:

Webtimizer Domain Tools

  • Domain Authority Checker: Domain authority is a metric by Moz that rates a website based on the number of quality backlinks it has among other things. It is assumed that a website with a high domain authority will always outperform a similar website with low domain authority. As such, many website owners are trying to make sure they increase their website domain authority. You can use Webtimizer Domain Authority Checker to check your website domain authority.
  • Page Authority Checker: This is a tool that allows you to check the strength of your page as regards a keyword. This shows you how well that page will perform on Google SERPs.
  • Domain Age Checker: You can use this tool to check the age of a given domain.
  • Google Index Checker: This is a free tool that scans your website to know which ones have been indexed and which ones are not.
  • Domain Hosting Checker: You can use this tool to check which website hosting a given website is being hosted on.
  • Google Cache Checker: Google Cache Checker is a tool that allows you to view cached pages, and also to determine the date and time when your page was cached. The Google cache is a page snapshot, and Google stores (caches), a backup of every page it takes.
  • Blacklist Lookup: Sometimes, a website’s search engine rankings suffer due to being blacklisted by Google. You can use this Webtimizer tool to check if your website has been blacklisted. This is one of the things you can do with Webtimizer tools.
  • Whois Checker: WhoIs lookup provides contact information and billing contacts of website administrators, technical contacts, and billing contacts for each domain name or IP listed in the Whois Database. You can use this Webtimizer tool to find the contact information of any website owner or administrator.
  • DNS Records Finder: This Webtimizser tool is free and offers the fastest way to locate all DNS records for any domain or hostname.
  • Blog Finder: This is a tool that will help you find similar blogs that are available in your niche using a given keyword. The idea here is that you might want to reach out to them for guest posting or backlinking opportunities. Or it could be that you just want to use the data for research.


mangools seo tools

Mangools is another great website optimization tool that can help you optimize your website for search. It comprises 5 powerful SEO tools in one package. These include

a) KWFinder: This is a beginner-friendly keyword research tool by Mangools that is great at presenting accurate data to help the researcher make more informed decisions. Some of the metrics you get are search volume, related keywords, question keywords, keyword difficulty, CPC, top pages on SERPs, etc., similar to Webtimizer tools.

b) SERPChecker: This tool allows you to analyze the top pages that are ranking for a particular keyword on Google search. While you might see the links of the top 1o pages ranking on Google SERPs, SERPChecker shows your more details in-depth.

c) SERPWatcher: This too allows users to monitor website performance from a single place and give a detailed result of its performance.  

d) LinkMiner: This tool allows you to do a backlink analysis and monitor the backlinks to your website.

e)  SiteProfiler is the last of the Mangools website optimization tools. It is a tool that allows you to enter a domain, analyze the SEO metrics, and gain insights into your competition, link velocity, and other important information.

PRICING: Mangools subscription starts from $29 per month.

Which website optimization tool is best?

Although SEMRush is a great website optimization tool, it is quite pricey and offers no free plan. Mangools is a bit less expensive and good for website optimization. However, sometimes this pricey software can be quite sophisticated and confusing. This is why we choose Webtimizer tools, a simple set of free tools with over 50 website optimization tools that you can use – from research to content development to auditing, you will find tools that will help you every step of the way.

The best part is that it’s totally free.

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