Free Keyword Tools For SEO Besides Google Keyword Planner

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Keyword tools are not limited to premium! Are you looking for winning keywords to target, but don’t have enough money to pay for premium keyword research and analysis tools?

Google Keyword Planner is undoubtedly a great tool for this – coming from Google itself. Where you could enter any keyword and get tons of suggestions as well as search volumes.

However, you might want to see if there are other free keyword tools that can aid in helping you make more informed decisions.

In this article, I share with you 10 free keyword tools aside from the Google keyword planner that you can use to improve your search engine rankings.

What is Google Keyword Planner?

Keyword planner is Google’s own free keyword research tool. It helps bloggers and content writers research keywords for their search campaigns.

Google Keyword Planner can be used to discover new keywords that are related to your article or business.


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It can also be used to find out estimates of the searches those keywords receive and what it will cost should you want to target them for advertising.

To use Google keyword planner, you only have to signup with your Google account or create a new one.

Though keyword planner is free, there are free and premium alternatives that offer more insight and features.

This article outlines the Free Keyword Tools For SEO Besides Google Keyword Planner

10 Free Keyword Tools For SEO

Here are my selection of the best free Google Keyword Planner alternative keyword tools you can rely on for better SEO:

1. Webtimizer Long Tail Keyword Suggestion Tool

Webtimizer Long Tail Keyword Suggestion Tool

The Webtimizer Long Tail Keyword Suggestion tool is one of Webtimizer Free SEO tools and is completely free to use.

Long-tail keywords are keywords or keyphrases that are more specific and often longer than the more words. Because they are more specific, long-tail keywords tend to get lower search traffic but have higher conversion rates. As such, they are low-competition keywords. This makes it a good target for marketers. These keywords allow you to get more traffic to the site over time and to be found by new, interested, and more targeted audiences.

One of the benefits of long-tail keywords is that it is easier to rank for as there is usually lower competition than a shorter keyword. Research also has shown that long-tail keywords are responsible for 70% of all web search results. This is the reason why many SEO experts recommend that people try and target long-tail keywords in their content.

Long Tail Keyword Suggestion is a keyword tool that will give you various long-tail keyword suggestions for any seed keyword you put into the field, choose the search engine you want to extract the keywords from, and then pick your target country and language. You can also choose whether you want long-tail keywords that are in form of questions, has prepositions, or have numbers in them.

You can select all if you want and then click on START. The tool will immediately start generation long-tail keywords for you. It could generate hundreds of long-tail keywords based on your specifications.

This is a free alternative to all the paid keyword tools out there.

2. AnswerThePublic

AnswerThePublic is a free keyword research tool that pulls data from Google search to analyze every search term that users type.

Although this keyword tool is free, the free version will give you more than enough data to work with as far as keyword research is concerned.

Online searchers are now getting used to typing in their search terms as questions instead of separate words. This trend was also influenced by the introduction of voice search. As such, Google has also developed the ability to understand questions.

Your keyword research success depends on your content answering the exact questions. Question-based content is more likely to be included in Google’s featured answers, or “position 0” results.

AnswerThePublic keyword tool is one of the best ways to find popular questions around a given keyword. It does this by combining your main keyword with question words (like how, when, what, etc.

You will also receive questions and keyword ideas via “preposition” keywords. This is when your seed keyword is combined with another keyword via prepositions.

3. RankTracker

Link Assistant (Rank Tracker) is a free keyword tool that is available for Windows and Mac operating systems. Even the free version of Link-Assistant comes with a lot of features that you will find beneficial for your site.

As a keyword research tool, it is very resourceful especially when you want to find the keywords from other sources aside from Google.

Sometimes, the best keywords for SEO are not obvious. You need to search for all possible variations of keywords from multiple data sources in order to find the real gems. This is the essence of keyword research.

Rank Tracker as a keyword tool is one of the free keyword tools that has quite a lot of features in it. With Rank Tracker, you could audit a domain and see relevant metrics like keywords the domain is already ranking for, backlinks, domain strength, and many other features.

As a keyword research tool, you can get keyword suggestions from different search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. You can also integrate it with Google Analytics and Google Search Console. With RankTracker, you can even view your competitor keywords as well as generate question keywords and long-tail keywords.

What more?

You can even get the popular keywords that are usually misspelled which can be a goldmine sometimes.

Also, You can get the best keyword ideas by using the tools individually. You can also analyze the difficulty and potential traffic potential for each keyword. This allows you to focus your SEO efforts on the keywords that will bring in the most traffic.

4. Google Trends Keyword Tools

Google trends keyword tools

Google trends is another completely free keyword tool that is available to use in making better-informed marketing decisions for your blog.

Anyone who has done local keyword research will know that search patterns vary between countries. Surprisingly, search patterns can vary greatly from one region to the next. This is why you need a local keyword tool.

Google Trends will help to identify keyword search volume variations based on the city or specific location. To see how misleading a keyword analysis at the country level could be for your local business, simply compare two synonymic questions. You might find out that one is more searched for than the other.

A second but equally important feature of Google Trends is the ability to track the seasonal trends and fluctuations of a given keyword. With this feature, you can predict accurately how a keyword will perform in its high and low seasons.

5. LSI Graph Keyword Tools

No longer are marketers obsessed with a single keyword in order to achieve high rankings. Context is key to creating great content. For good reason, over 15% of Google’s daily searches include new terms that users have never used before. This is a large number of new queries, considering the trillions of searches that are conducted each year.

Googlers are able to find so many ways to search for common issues in a variety of ways, which is why LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords play a significant role in Google’s ranking factors. LSI keywords are very beneficial for SEO. These keywords can be used in your content to increase its context and search visibility.

Search engines can learn more about your content by using LSI keywords. They are keywords that are related to your primary keyword(s). Search engines can then narrow down your topic by placing them in your content.

LSIGraph is a keyword tool that allows you to search for LSI keywords free of charge. Simply enter your primary keyword to get a list of LSI keywords with their search volumes. If you search for “SEO marketing”, you will see “what is SEO in digital marketing”, “SEO definition,” and “SEO google,” which are all relevant terms that you can add to your content.

When you add as many LSI keywords as are relevant to your article, you help search engines like Google to understand your content better which can boost your ranking in SERPs.

6. Webtimizer Keyword Rank Checker

Webtimizer Keyword Rank Checker Tools-

Tracking your keywords rankings is essential if you want to optimize your website for search engines.

Keyword tracking has many benefits. It’s not just useful for monitoring your site’s performance on search engines. It allows you to identify which SEO techniques work and which ones don’t. You can also use this information to diagnose ranking drops.

Keyword tracking is one way to determine if your efforts are producing the results you want. If your rankings rise after you make a change, it’s likely that you should keep making the same changes. If your rankings remain static or decline after you make a change, you shouldn’t continue doing that task.

To use the Webtimizer Keyword Rank Checker, you simply need to enter your domain name in its field and then put in all the keywords you want to check its position. You can choose to track if it is within the first 50, 100, or 200 positions up to 500.

The tool will track where your site falls in and give you the results. This way you can be able to optimize the ones that are not ranking well and know those that are.

7. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is available as a browser add-on for Chrome and Firefox. Simply by making a search, you can instantly see search volume data, CPC estimates, and competition data.

The free version allows you to see related keywords and PASF keywords (People Also Search For) on Google and Bing. Youtube insights and Youtube Tags are also available, but there is no search volume data. You can also see the keyword density and the URL content, but not volume data. To access the other features, such as the search volume, CPC, and competition data for Google, you will need to pay.

Keywords Everywhere use a credit system that allows you to have one credit for each keyword. You can either pay per use or every $10 you get 100,000 credits. Credits are charged per usage, but not necessarily that one search will consume all of them.

Searches for keywords will automatically be added to Autosuggest. You’ll see keyword search volume data as soon as you start Autosuggest. You can add new keywords to the SERPs by embedding a box on the right-hand corner of the page.

8. Ahrefs Free Keyword Generator Tool

ahrefs free keyword tools

Ahrefs is a major SEO company. They created a free Keyword Generator to make it easier to plan and streamline your website’s content. Normally, Ahrefs doesn’t have a free plan. However, they are now dishing out some features that people can access for free and one of them is the Free Keyword Generator. Another is their free backlink checker.

As a content writer or digital marketer, you can use their free keyword generator to explore the keyword on the topic you want to create content on.

Start by entering a seed keyword. The platform will generate up to 100 related keywords and 50 question-related searches with their search volumes and keyword difficulty.

The keyword difficulty metric is available next to the top 10 keywords. It estimates difficulty ranking on a scale from 1-100. You will need more backlinks to rank well on Google if the Keyword difficulty number is higher.

9. Bulk Keyword Generator Tool

Bulk Keyword Generator is tailored for local SEO. It focuses on creating keywords based on your industry type.

Select your industry and your exact location. The platform will then generate a list with keywords relevant to the products or services your industry offers.

This tool is great for helping you understand the details of each page and how to optimize it.

Bulk Keyword Generator will ensure that you are consistently using the right keywords to describe your products/services on your website and that your SEO efforts don’t suffer from inconsistency.

10. Keyword Tool Dominator

Your customers’ search patterns for Google are different from those of Amazon, Etsy, or eBay. Google is used to locate places to shop, while at Amazon they are searching for the exact goods they want to buy.

It is not enough for you to perform keyword research on Google when you are targeting buyers. Your listing must be optimized for Amazon searches.

Keyword Tool Dominator identifies the top 10 keywords searched on Amazon, eBay Etsy Google, Walmart, and YouTube, instead of focusing only on search engines like Google.

It is a great tool for digging through Amazon’s database. It is not possible to determine keyword search volume however you will get a list of keywords ideas.

Although it is not a completely free tool to use, with the free version, you can only make three requests per database per day without a paid license.

It is perfect for creating optimized product descriptions for your blog, e-commerce site, or videos. It’s trusted by over 300,000 people and is a great way to gain a competitive edge.

Find out what your target audience is really searching for, and then implement it in your SEO and content strategy.

Keyword Tool Dominator allows you to identify new keywords before others start incorporating them in their content.

11. Webtimizer Keyword Suggestion Tool

Webtimizer FREE Keyword Research Tools

The Webtimizer Keyword Suggestion Tool is another tool amongst the SEO tools you can use to optimize your site to rank well on search engines.

This is a simple tool that suggests up to 10 keywords for any seed keyword you put into it. This is great if you are brainstorming content ideas or looking for related subtopics or keywords you can use in your content.

Keyword Tools Conclusion

Many SEO experts use more than one keyword tool to get the data they need for their site optimizations. A lot of the great tools are paid. That is why in this article, we decided to provide you with these free keyword tools that will help you make better marketing decisions, especially if you are tight on a budget.

You can start with some of the keyword tools listed here and then move on to more sophisticated ones. If you use any of these tools or know about more free keyword tools that we can add to the list, leave us a comment below.

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