How Businesses & Bloggers Can Use AI Writers to Meet Content Demands

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AI Writers and Content Generators for online content? Why not! In the world of digital marketing, there is an undisputed fact – CONTENT IS KING!. Aside from paid traffic, nothing else gets website traffic or leads to your website or ranks your business site higher in the Search Engines than quality content.

When you consider the cost of paid traffic (PPC or Social Media Ads), and the implications of their sudden drop as soon as the wallet is closed, you will understand how important content is to your digital marketing strategy.

For starters, consistent publishing of engaging content is by far, the number one factor that Google and other search engines consider for sending you organic web traffic. The keywords here are – consistent publishing and engaging content!

Enter AI Writers! Sometimes referred to as Content Generators. These Artificial Intelligent content writers can do both for you and also save you reasonable money in doing that when compared to human content writers.

Stats on importance of steady content for blogs


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  • Outbound marketing is more effective than content marketing, but it generates 62% fewer leads. Content marketing generates three times the number of leads as well as generating six times the amount of leads. (Demand Metric)
  • Content marketing is 41% cheaper than paid search ( Kapost/Eloqua).
  • Content marketing is 62% cheaper than traditional marketing and generates 3x as many leads. (Source: DemandMetric)
  • Content marketing adopters have conversion rates nearly six times higher than those who are not (0.5%) vs 2.9%). (Source: Aberdeen)
  • 69% of marketers believe content is better than direct mail or PR. (Source: Custom Content Council)

AI Writers: What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a computer program that can perform complex tasks normally performed by humans. This includes visual perception, speech recognition, and decision-making. AI-controlled machines and computers could soon be used to replace human beings in many tasks, including managing homes and driving cars.

Most of these machines are based on deep learning and programming. It helps them recognize patterns and execute actions. It is basically a machine version of the human brain.

The 3 Main Types of Artificial Intelligence

These days, artificial intelligence is deployed to all facets of human endeavor. There is AI for customer support chat, lead generation, there is even AI for cryptocurrency trading., the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence is doing a great job in advancing AI research

a) Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI)

ANI can also be called Narrow AI, or Weak AI. This type of artificial intelligence focuses on a narrow task and has a limited number of capabilities. ANI is an example of AI currently in use. This is the only one of the three types that currently exist. This includes Siri and Natural Language. Most AI writers based on this

b) Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

AGI technology would be comparable to a human brain. It will likely take some time to fully grasp AGI technology since we don’t yet know everything about the human brain. AGI, at least in concept, would be able to think on the same level as a human.

c) Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI)

Here it becomes a bit scary and theoretical. ASI is an AI technology that can match or surpass the human mind. An ASI technology must be capable of surpassing a human in all possible ways to qualify. These AI objects could not only perform web tasks but also have emotions and relationships.

What is An AI Writer/Article Generator?

An AI Content Generator is an online or downloadable application that generates articles quickly using advanced technology, such as artificial intelligence (or the GPT-2 model of machine learning).

artificial intelligence AI writers

You simply need to choose your article niche and enter a few keywords or phrases. Once you click the button, the article generator will begin preparing content and you will see your results in just a few seconds.

How Do AI Article Generators Work?

AI uses technologies such as deep learning and natural word processing. It draws from millions of writing samples stored in its database to create new writing samples. Deep learning attempts to mimic the brain’s processing of data and patterns. Natural language processing attempts to generate natural language. The process involves computers learning to understand and read human language.

AI programs are able to learn the definitions of words and grammar rules that structure sentences like humans. They also receive input from programmers regarding format, tone, length, copy, and tone. From a technology perspective, they are programs that use algorithms to gather and analyze data and find meaning in the text. Also, the data are then processed and transformed into text.

Why AI Writers Are Important

Although most people realize they need to create more content to promote their products or services and attract new customers, they usually don’t have the time or the resources. This is where AI writers come into play.

Here are some of the reasons why AI article writers are important

  • Can help you generate high-quality unique content.
  • Can get you started when you have writer’s block or are unable to write.
  • AI writers can allow you and your employees to concentrate on other important tasks.
  • It saves you the cost of hiring a professional writer.

Best AI Writing Tools That Are Smart

As always, I like discussing the best tools I find out for every digital marketing task. Here I list the best AI article generators that you can start using today.

#1. ContentBot

ContentBot is an AI content writer for marketers and business owners. It is an AI-based writing tool that allows you to create original content for your blog posts, newsletters, product descriptions, and ad copy. ContentBot will generate relevant and basic content based upon your topic and the description that you provide to the AI.

ContentBot AI

Click to try ContentBot AI

There are more than 25 tools you can use to write for specific purposes. This includes blog titles, blog intros, product descriptions, landing page copy, etc.

Pricing: Has a free forever plan limited to 10 short form credits and 500 words per month. Paid plans start at $29/mth.

#2. Anyword AI

Anyword Ai is an artificial intelligence-based copywriting tool. By using unique keywords, it can help businesses highlight the key points of their products or services. Its predictive copywriting model can help increase conversion rates and bring in more clients.

Anyword Ai saves time, money, and resources. It offers a variety of marketing copy options that users can choose from and use to define products. This can greatly speed up workflows.

Anyword AI’s keyword phrases and variants of text allow users to quickly generate original ideas. Its proprietary models can be integrated with other language models to create a platform that anyone can use to achieve their marketing goals.

#3. Kafkai

Kafkai can create up to 900 words per minute from scratch using machine-learning algorithms. It can be used in three ways and has three modes: Niche Article Writer, Advanced Niche article Rewriter with Seeding, and General Writer With Seeding.

Kafkai AI

Click to try Kafkai AI

The first two use a trained model for writing articles, and the third is a general article writer. Niche Article Rewriter can be used if you don’t have any ideas. This is not a trained model and is used to write general content. It supports around 3 languages, including English. It’s a smart AI writer tool.

Pricing: Starts at $29/month for 100 article/month (10 articles/day). A 3-day free trial is available for 25 articles.

#4. Jasper AI

Jasper (formerly or Jarvis) is an advanced AI copywriting tool. It also creates sales copy and product descriptions. Jasper can also be used to generate blog posts using relevant keywords from an SEO content machine.

Jarvis AI

Click to try Jasper

Jasper Command allows you to simply type and Jasper will complete your sentences. This process works flawlessly with correct grammar, punctuation, capitalization, or punctuation.

Pricing: Starts at $29/month for 20,000 words.

#5. Article Forge

Article Forge is an AI content generation software that you will love. It makes use of deep learning technology and advanced artificial intelligence (AI), to create high-quality, plagiarism-free content. To make your content more interesting and natural, it automatically adds relevant titles and LSI keywords to your content.

Article Forge

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ArticleForge is the only article-writing software that can create content in 7 languages. Article Forge allows you to create content in foreign languages and build authority sites. This will allow you to dominate foreign markets.

Article Forge allows you to post blogs directly on your WordPress website.

Pricing: Starts at $57/month for a monthly plan and $27/month for the yearly plan

#6. Headlime AI

Headlime AI is an Ai-powered copywriting software that solves all your copywriting issues. It’s one of the smartest, most sophisticated, and effective marketing copy generators online. It uses advanced artificial intelligence techniques to create the best copy possible.

Headlime AI

Click to try Headlime AI

Headlime can create your perfect copy by simply providing 100 characters as a prompt. Then, it will use the GPT-3 Artificial Intelligence module to transform what you have written into the best version possible. Headlime’s AI-powered copywriter eliminates bad or boring copy. This copywriting tool creates unique content that appeals to your audience and keeps them interested for longer periods.

Pricing: Starts at $59/mth

#7. WordAi

WordAi is an automated spinning tool that can rewrite entire sentences and paragraphs to create unique content. According to its official website, it can distinguish between words and ensure that each synonym it finds makes sense. It not only understands the meaning of each word but also knows how each word interacts.


Click to try WordAi

It will search for ways to rewrite the article according to what it really means. WordAi can often completely rewrite sentences so that they have no connection to the original sentence.

WordAi checks every article before it starts spinning. This allows it to get a complete understanding of the content. WordAi can create advanced paragraph and document-level spins thanks to its amazing understanding of the content. This makes content appear human-written.

Pricing: Starts at $57/mth for monthly plans and $27/mth for a yearly plan.

#8. Writesonic

Writesonic is a great Ai writer, capable of creating content in 24 languages. Writesonic’s multi-language capabilities make it easy to create a multilingual blog.


Click to try Writesonic

This AI writer also uses proven copywriting formulas like Pain-Agitate-Solution and AIDA. It can generate marketing copy that will engage your audience and maximize conversion potential.

Writesonic allows you to create articles for your blog, as well as product descriptions, high-performing digital ads, and landing pages. It also includes a grammar fixer and readability checker, summarizer, content-rephraser, and expander feature.

Bloggers Ask – Can AI Write a Blog?

Can AI content gemerators write a Blog

One word – YES!. AI has begun to become involved in the blogging world. It is no longer just a tool for PR pros or marketers seeking marketing analysis.

AI will show impressively its ability to write compelling content fast, so you won’t waste time writing every post. The final result could be better content in half the time.

Will AI Article Writing Replace Professional Content Writers?

Many industries already use artificial intelligence (AI) or robots. Professionals all over the world worry about whether artificial intelligence can replace their skills due to the fact that artificial intelligence is getting more sophisticated every day.

Will AI Article Writing replace professional human writing

When asked if artificial intelligence could replace skilled content authors, I would answer no. This is because content writers, bloggers, storytellers put their emotions, creativity, empathy, and nuance into the content. But AI cannot do this. AI lacks souls. AI can mimic intelligence and language but cannot express emotions.

Also, before sharing the AI-generated content, it is crucial to have a human writer proofread them. As such, we can say that AI writers cannot replace human writers.

In Conclusion

Here you have it – easy ways and AI article writers which you can use to make your blogging demands and business life easier. One thing you can’t afford to do is not to have a content marketing strategy. If you have to make it easier on yourself and your pocket, then article generators is the way to go!

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