How to Make Money on The Best Freelancing Sites in 2024 (Up to $50,000 Yearly)

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If you master how to make money on the best freelancing sites, you will happily join the league of those who earn thousands of dollars working from home, using the skills they already have. The beauty of this is that you must not learn a new skill. Somewhere around the world, there is someone who needs the services of your present skill set.

As you probably know, people are getting paid $30-$270 per job every single day, working from home. This is because they know how to sell their skills on freelance websites – the very platforms where people pay others to do all sorts of jobs for them.

Far from what many people think, freelance platforms are not just for digital jobs! People can hire you for all sorts of unusual things like baby name consultancy, making a song for their spouse or friends, teaching them to cook your local delicacy, writing a script they can read for their spouse, etc. The ideas are endless!

These are everyday people like you, and they monetize the very skills they already have. Sure, there are skills that generate higher income than others, but you must not wait to gain those skills. If you know how to make money freelancing, you can start earning with the skills you have right now!

… over 82% of US freelancers who are freelance writers earn more than $50,000 a year

In this article, I will walk you through the freelancing ecosystem, and at the end, you will understand how to start earning real money just like these people, working from home, no matter your country. This is the most complete guide on how to start freelancing with no experience.


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What are Freelancer Websites?

Freelance websites are online platforms established for people to buy and sell all sorts of services. Every day, people like you with any type of skill log onto these freelancing websites and list the jobs and services they can offer with their skill, then those who need such services and jobs will contact them to complete some jobs using their skills.

Some of the freelance websites go it the other way – those seeking things done for them will log onto the platforms and write what they want to be done. Then freelancers with the required skill will contact them and discuss how they can do it.

Top Skills In demand on freelance sites:

Similar to digital marketing shops, here are the top-grossing jobs on freelance sites

  • Social Media Management
  • Logo Design
  • Data Entry
  • Copy Writing
  • Web Design/ Development

But as I stated earlier, the jobs people are getting paid to perform are as diverse as your imagination. Other jobs people are getting paid to do which you may not know

– Write articles for them
– write books for them
– Sing and record songs for their spouse/friends on their special day, etc.

Best freelancing sites where you can make money

There are many freelancing websites. Some have an international; appeal, while there are country-specific freelance sites that serve certain countries only. Some of these are freelancing websites for beginners to start and gain experience.

Best freelancing sites

International freelance websites







People Per Hour

You can read more about popular freelance websites, click on the link.

Country-specific Freelance Websites

Many nationals see these as freelancing websites for beginners where they gain necessary experience before going global.

India –

Pakistan –

Nigeria –,,

How much can freelancers make in 2024

Freelancers contribute over $1 trillion to the yearly U.S. economy – about 5% of the GDP. This is more money than the transportation and construction industries. On average, freelancers earn $28 an hour for the skilled services they perform.

freelance social media manager

Freelancers make as much as $50,000 in a year

Part-time workers that have mastered how to make money on the best freelancing sites are making a killing online. They charge as low as $5 for jobs that take less than 10 minutes to as much as $1000 for high-end skill jobs,

According to findings, over 82% of US freelancers who are freelance writers earn more than $50,000 a year.

Top Paying Jobs to monetize on freelancing websites

According to our previous report, the top 3 most in-demand freelance skills that get hired the most are:

Social Media Managers

Graphics and Logo Designers

Data Entry

However, there are no limits to the jobs and services you can offer and get paid for on these platforms. The openings are as much as you can imagine.

If you are in doubt if your skill can be monetized on these platforms, place a comment below this article, stating what skills you have, and I can guide you on how to monetize it.

How to Make Money on The Best Freelancing Sites

If you want to master how to make money on the best freelancing sites, then you need to read this section and digest it clearly.

How to Optimize your Freelance Job Listings for More Sales

Know that you are not the only one reading this article. There are possibly hundreds of other similar articles and videos showing people how to make money on the best Freelance websites by working from home.

So as you are strategizing, so are others too. But even when there is enough to go around, you want to ensure you get as many earnings as possible by outranking others. As with most things online, the listings that appear on top when people search for the kind of service you offer, get most of the sales.

Best Website Optimization Tools

Optimize your Freelance Job Listing

So how do you ensure your freelance gigs get top ranking, which is where the mega-money is? Here are tips that will make your freelance job listings appear top of their sites and set you on your way to being a freelance master:

  1. Optimize Gig Title
    In everything online, the title gets you noticed. So ensure your freelance job listing has a catchy and unique title using SEO techniques.
  2. Optimize Gig Description
    While the gig title is the catchy part, the description gives you the opportunity to explain a bit more about the offer, so people can understand better.
  3. Use Quality Graphics
    Images and videos are very important to sway the human brain. Use them as much as possible to attract more eyes to your listings. Search engines love them too.
  4. List in Right Category
    Ensure your gig is listed under the right category. This way when people are searching under that category, they don’t miss your offers.
  5. Optimize SEO Tags
    Search engine optimization SEO tags and search tags are technically important, as they are machine languages that search engines understand for ranking.
  6. Ask and Get Positive Reviews|
    For any job you successfully deliver, ensure you ask for, and get positive reviews. They will help you sell more in the future.
  7. Respond to Messages Promptly
    You need to be courteous and timely in responding to messages. This is one of the ways that customers use to adjudge if you are diligent. One way to ensure you stay on track is to always be online, possibly via mobile devices.
  8. Promote your Listings
    Don’t underestimate the good old advertisement. For every AD dollar spent, you are sure going to recoup at least double (other things being equal). Look into digital or traditional advertising.

How to Structure your Freelance Business

freelance work goal setting

To stand a chance of getting hired on the best freelancing sites, you have to package yourself and your business and be serious about it. Even if you see it as a side hustle, know that there are people that do this full-time. So you have to follow some basic principles and present yourself worthy to be taken seriously.

In your quest about how to make money freelancing, here are what you need to do in order to appear professional and increase your chances of being hired, even though you may be a work from home mum or dad:

1. Structure your workday

You need. to structure your workday. Have your time to switch on your PC to face the work. Be diligent about it, knowing that we are in a 24-hour world. Let your work time be specific and stick to it.

Just because you work from home as a freelancer doesn’t mean you have to abuse the time privilege. When it’s time for work, focus on it and avoid distractions.

You also don’t want to overload yourself with work. If you are fully booked, let new clients know this and offer them an extended delivery time. People who hire freelancers love honesty and will even trust you more if you come clean about the delivery time, no matter how late.

2. Be very Time Conscious

This is particularly so with some African freelancers, who don’t seem to be very mindful of time. Know that the rest of the world is very conscious about timing. Let your agreed time be your target. Don’t promise time that you cannot deliver.

3. Outsource overflow jobs

The fact you are skilled at a particular thing doesn’t mean you will do it all by yourself. When you have an overload of freelance jobs, you can also outsource some to trusted allies, and keep an eye on their quality delivery.

Alternatively, you can break some of the jobs into pieces and outsource them to different field experts to help you meet up the delivery timeline. This is another secret used by those who know how to make money on freelance websites.

4. Screen your Clients

Just because you need the money doesn’t mean you will accept every job offer, While in the discussion stage, know when to back out if you feel the client is not right for you. And whatever you do, be very courteous with your choice of words. Courtesy might mean the difference between repeat customers and one-off clients.

How to Price your Freelance Services

freelancer pricing strategy

Pricing your services on the best freelancing sites can make or mar your income potential. While you want to remain competitive, you also don’t want to appear desperate. Doing this may put doubts in the mind of those that may want to buy your service. You need to find a middle point where you don’t appear too pricy or too cheap to be taken seriously.

But you have to put into account different expenses which you will expend. These include:
– Commission charged by the sites.
– Money transfer charges (to transfer your earnings to your country)
– Taxes charged by your country authorities (In some countries you can evade this by working as an individual and not as a corporate entity).

For a complete guide on setting your freelance job rates, check out this Upwork guide and this Fiverr blog post.

How to receive money earned from freelancer websites in your country

The different freelancing websites have various ways through which you can withdraw your earnings. You have to check which options are available to you and choose one. Here are the payment withdrawals options available options:

International Bank Wire transfer

Electronic Funds transfer




In Conclusion (How to Make Money on The Best Freelancing Sites)

Even when you can take freelancing as a side hustle, you can make it full-time work like many people around the world do. With the freedom and relaxed working time, you can make as much as your peers doing the same jobs in 9-5 offices. Freelancers can even make more.

The fact that almost every skill can be monetized on the best freelancing sites makes it very attractive. With this guide on how to make money on the best freelancing sites, you can start earning money from whatever skills you have right now. Don’t wait. If you are confused and don’t know where to start, drop a comment below and I will answer them all.

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