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Web Traffic Case Study

Here is a web traffic case study that proves to you that its very possible to drive traffic to a website that has been slammed by Google or which simply was not optimized to attract visitors.

SEO Case Study: 200% Traffic Increase in 4 Months

Nothing is more convincing than solid evidence that SEO delivers a return on investment. Here’s an example of an SEO case study for a local supplier of home goods. We achieved a traffic increase of more than 200% in four months.

A brief history of the client’s website 

The company sells wigs and jewelleries. The client began services with IMarena after working with an Indian SEO company for almost 2 years.

Their website had many backlinks, and they published content every day for the past sixteen months.

After performing a website assessment usinf Ahrefs, we found that they were not ranking for certain keywords and many pages had poor on-page optimization. Their blog content was also not high-quality enough to rank them on Google’s first page.

Their Google My Business profile also had a loose structure, which led to low search visibility in Google’s Local Finder.

The Primary Objective

This SEO case study had one goal: to get websites ranked higher in search results. We wanted to increase search visibility for keywords that would bring in the most clients.

It was a content-driven strategy to increase revenue. The goal was to build awareness and drive traffic using keywords to rank for content that satisfied users at the informational/research stage as well as the buyer stage.

SEO Strategy explained

Competitive analysis work was done on the most popular websites in the niche. To create a website that is more competitive, we had to determine how the competition achieved its top ranking in terms of content, site structure, optimization, and link-building strategy.

W performed keyword research to determine what content to publish to drive the most traffic and that had the most buyer potential. Also, we performed a content audit to identify pages that could be improved for better rankings.

Our SEO strategy touched on the following:

On-page optimization 

  • Meta tag optimization
  • Titles
  • URL structural analysis
  • Internal Linking strategy
  • H tags
  • Canonical References
  • Outbound links
  • Schema
  • Structured data markup
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript code cleanup
  • Optimizing SERP features
  • Optimizing page speed
  • Mobile optimization
  • 301 redirections
  • Correct 404 errors
  • Robots.txt Review
  • Submission of sitemaps
  • Google Analytics
  • Submit to Google Search Console
  • Google My Business Optimization

Backlink strategy

The backlink strategy consisted mainly of citations and directory links when we started working for the client. We began with:

  • Removal of toxic links
  • Local and niche citations
  • Links from niche blogs
  • High-quality links from websites with appropriate themes

Our SEO Case Study Results 

Our client saw nearly double the traffic in several categories between the third- and fourth months compared to the previous year.imarena web traffic case study seo

Our client was able to rank for 700 keywords, as opposed to its previous 300, and his position on the first pages for multiple search terms improved.

The organic traffic to the website was almost doubled compared with the same period last year. The previous period saw 7744 visits to the website, which has now seen 13,521 visitors.

imarena web traffic case study

The results were delivered to this client in 4 months. However, the time it took to see them all is somewhere between six and nine months.

IMarena can be a great choice for your business when you are looking to invest in a marketing strategy that delivers results.


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