10 Side Hustle Jobs You Can Do On Your Smartphone Without Investment

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Does the concept of working with just your smartphone strike you as a great side hustle job idea? Then this article is just perfect for you. Even though laptops and all kinds of PCs are rampant, there are still millions who cannot afford them.

Yet, such people want to see how they can make money with the gadgets they have at present – their smartphones, without any additional investments.

Working remotely is becoming increasingly commonplace, and no longer just for people with laptops and PCs but also for those with their smartphone and internet connection.

Can You Make a Full-Time Job Working With Your Smartphone?

Though I recommend getting a laptop, there are situations where it’s not just an option. While you cannot necessarily term these full-time income opportunities, they rightly can be seen as side hustles to earn additional income with what you already have (smartphones), doing what you love (surfing the net).

Many jobs nowadays do not even require a separate space or even computers. It’s actually possible to earn money using your smartphone with these side hustle ideas.

Type of Mobile Phones Required For These Side Hustle Jobs

To fully take advantage of the strategies I am going to share here, you will be needing a smartphone running either Android OS by Google or iOS by Apple. Though there are other mobile operating systems, most of the platforms may not have developed their service to be compatible with such OS’


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10 Side Hustle Ideas You Can Do With A Smartphone

Before you dive in, be sure to read through some basics, for example:

  • Some side hustle offers are open for residents of certain countries only.
  • The payout methods vary, some pay your earnings through PayPal, Gift Cards, Credit/Debit Cards, or online accounts. You need to check which is applicable in your country.

Having got that out of the way, let’s dive in with the various side hustles you can start with just your mobile phones.

1. Take Surveys (Earnings: $3-5 per hour)

Surveys are simple online tasks you do by sharing your opinion about a product, an experience, or anything at all. There are a lot of online survey platforms you can join and make money from.

Companies pay these platforms to use their network and get people like you to take these surveys, so they gauge the pulse of the people to finetune their products or services. These platforms then share the revenue with you as a survey taker.

As part of the side hustle ideas you can do with just your smartphone, here are some survey websites you can earn with. Note though that some of the platforms are not available to all countries. Read their terms before you jump in.

take surveys on mobile phone to earn money

a) Prizerebel

Prizerebel is interested in your opinions and awards you points when you complete surveys to aid companies in improving their services.

The points you earn from surveys will be worth 3 to 5 dollars per hour.

You can cash in PrizeRebel points using PayPal or redeem them for vouchers for gift cards offered by Walmart, Amazon, Starbucks, iTunes, and more.

b) Branded Surveys

As with other survey sites, Branded Surveys is simple to use. All you have to do is sign up for an account that is free, fill in some basic demographic questions and then begin taking surveys.

There’s not a formal application to fill out and there’s no time limit to determine if you’re accepted to the program.

You will earn 50 points upon the creation of your account. You will earn another 50 after you have completed your first survey. This amounts to a total of $1 bonus.

c) LifePoints

LifePoints is a no-cost online platform with more than 5 million members. It rewards participants for taking surveys as well as other tasks – such as mini-polls, product tests, and tracking behavior. They’ve paid more than $ 22million to its members up to now.

It functions as a center for market research and offers customers the chance to shape the future of services and products by voicing their opinion.

The rates for rewards vary based on the survey. You can get paid via Paypal, gift card, or charitable.

The least PayPal credit you can get is $10 and it costs 1,200 points.

2. Do Simple Tasks (Earnings: $3 to $90 for larger gigs)

completing tasks on mobile phone as a side hustle job

Businesses often require help in simple tasks they do not have the staff to handle. Depending on the mobile app platform, the tasks can vary. One such mobile app you can make money from doing simple tasks is Gigwalk.

a) Swagbucks

Looking for side hustle ideas? Swagbucks might be a good place to start. You can do simple tasks and get paid on Swagbucks. One of the simple tasks you can do is to watch videos on your phone through Swagbucks. Simply by watching videos, you could earn up to $20 each month or more depending on your commitment. You can cash out with Paypal or Amazon gift card.

You can even earn more by adding the SwagButton on your laptop or desktop. Use the SwagButton to find out immediately whether the site you’re browsing offers shopping with SB coupons and apply it immediately. This way you earn cashback and rewards just with the click of a button from the brand’s or store’s website.

b) Gigwalk

Simple tasks could comprise:

  • Photographing the menu
  • Reviewing something by writing a piece
  • When you enter an establishment’s hours of operation
  • Etc.

The rates for gigs on Gigwalk vary between $3 and $90 for larger gigs. You can withdraw the earnings you earn via PayPal.

c) ClickWorker

ClickWorker provides an online platform for tech-savvy individuals who are seeking fast mobile jobs that are available online. The duration and rate of pay differ from project to project.

Projects include data surveys, product reviews, research, photo editing, product descriptions, etc.

Any country is eligible to join as you have Paypal and a mobile. While the site focuses on tasks that can be completed within a couple of hours or minutes, however, it could be an excellent option for a sideline.

3. Share Internet Data (Earnings: Up to $77 monthly)

Share Internet Data as a side hustle idea with mobile phones

Do you know that you can make money just by sharing your internet data? You already use your internet data so why not make money with it.

a) Honeygain

If you’re an Android user, Honeygain lets you earn money by sharing the data you collect from browsing the web to conduct research. They also give you a $5 bonus just for signing up with them. This makes them one of the great side hustle ideas you can start with your smartphone.

Honeygain provides passive income. You just have to install the app once and then utilize your device as you do normally.

The concept of Honeygain lies in the way that it allows business partners to gain access to the web regardless of where they are. They require this type of access to determine the distribution of their content across different countries and to improve their online marketing strategies.


  • $1 for every 10MB of traffic you share with Default Network
  • A minimum of $10 per hour is required to provide Content Delivery

4. Mobile Phone Tutor (Earnings: More than $500/month)

tutoring on mobile phones as a side hustle

If you have the skill to teach your native language through audio, text, or videos, then tutoring is an option to earn money with your phone. One of the mobile apps you can use to do this is Tandem.

a) Wyzant

Are you a teacher with a passion? So why not join Wyzant to become an online teacher. The simple application takes care of all the stress of making an online business for tutoring.

The Wyzant app lets you create a profile on the app so that prospective customers can see exactly what you can provide.

You can determine your own hourly rate as well as schedule your lessons according to your calendar, and create feedback reports for students that allow them to track their progress, and get quick payments directly into your account at a bank.

b) Tandem

The Tandem app (for Android and iOS) matches you with students looking to learn an additional language. Once you’ve created the profile for yourself, your students make appointments, attend lessons and pay for them directly through the app.

You could earn upwards of $500/month teaching a couple of hours each day. The more you teach, the higher you’ll earn.

c) Task Human

This website is a health and wellness app. If you’re an expert in the wellness and health field, you’ll be able to provide the needed assistance to the users of Task Human. Task Human app.

You could offer coaching services such as yoga instructors, nutritionists, or personal trainers. Whatever you are skilled at, you can earn money via Task Human for it. Create your own schedule and work from any location.

While there isn’t any specific payment information on their website According to Indeed.com on average, a wellness coach earns between $25 to $35 per hour. This makes it one of the great side hustle ideas.

d) NiceTalk

This app was created for the first time in China’s mobile English learning platform designed through Hangzhou Feizhu Technology Co. LTD.

The idea is to meet with non-English speaking people and let them learn English together. There isn’t a lesson schedule.

It is a system that pays “tutors” by the minute and according to the website they charge as high as US$10 for a whole hour.

The app allows you to pay using Paypal and you are able to withdraw funds when you have a minimum of US$20 in your account. The app works for IOS as well as Android users.

5. Share Browsing Habits (Earnings approximately $173 per year)

Share Browsing Habits as a side hustle

We all surf the internet daily, so why not make money by sharing our browsing habits? One of such mobile app that can help us with this is MobileXpression.

a) MobileXpression

MobileXpression is among the most well-known tools for market research for companies all over the world. The data that you provide to the application is used to conduct market research and assists companies in improving their marketing strategies.

To earn credits to share your internet data, you must first sign up to MobileXpression. After that, you must sign in using your phone to begin the download of the app.

If you sign up with MobileXpression to sign up, you’ll be given an initial $5 bonus. The credits you earn are weekly when you share your data On average, you earn 5 credits per week.

You’ll receive an initial bonus of 15 credits. This is at least five credits per day.

  • 10 Credits can be redeemed for a gift card worth $5
  • 15 Credits can be exchanged for a gift card of $10.

In all, you could make an average of $173 per year.

MobileXpression provides gift cards from big retailers such as Dunkin Donuts, Target, Amazon, Home Depot, AMC Theaters, and Cold Stone Creamery.

6. Play Games (Earnings: Up to $5 per game)

Playing games on smart phones to earn money

We have all spent hours playing games with our mobile phones without getting a penny for it. So why not play games and bag a few bucks for our time? One mobile app that can pay you for playing games on your phone is InboxDollars.

a) InboxDollars

Joining InboxDollars is one of the best side hustle ideas you can start. InboxDollars is another excellent way to earn money if you enjoy playing games on your phone. You get a free $5 signup bonus when you join them.  

Businesses need more players to engage in the games they offer. InboxDollars is among the most effective platforms that connect players to gaming companies and allow you to earn rewards for engaging in their game.

You must have a minimum of 15 dollars within your InboxDollars account to be able to request payment. Mode of payment includes PayPal, check, an e-payment to a pre-paid Visa card, or gift cards to a well-known retailer such as Amazon. If you decide to use gift cards or the Prepaid Visa card, you’ll be charged an additional processing fee of $3. Paper checks are also subject to an additional $3 fee.

PS: InboxDollars only accepts US residents so if you live outside the US, you will need to access the website using a VPN.

7. Test Apps (Earnings: Up to $2 per test)

Testing Monile Phone Apps as a side hustle to make money

App developers want users like you to try their apps and get your feedback. Some of them actually pay you to test their apps and help them improve their apps. One of such apps that can pay you to test apps is AppNana.

a) AppNana

AppNana will reward you with the chance to test the apps and help developers improve their apps.

You’ll earn 10,000 Nana points when you create an account. You will also earn 400 “nanas simply for using the app on a daily basis. Each job will earn you between 1,000 and 60,000 points.

30,000 ‘nanas’ = $1

You can take cash out of your “nanas” through PayPal or exchange them for gifts cards at Xbox, Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play.

b) Userlytics

When you’re scrolling through your phone, isn’t it time to earn money to do the same thing? Sign up to sites such as Userslytics to try out different tasks with the latest released apps as well as brand new websites to check whether they’re usable and user-friendly, or have any bugs that require fixing prior to release.

You’ll be paid through Paypal and projects for testing can vary from $5 to $90 based on the degree of difficulty and the amount of time required to finish.

8. Become Social Media Influencer (Earnings: Unlimited)

social media influencer as a side hustle

If you are passionate about sharing your thoughts with others and believe you have the ability to influence them by sharing your experiences, then becoming a social media influencer can be a good way to earn money with your mobile phone. This can be one of the best side hustle ideas for you if you are good with social media.

Typically, sponsored posts earn anything from $50 to $1 million. This is the amount you can make based on the size of your Instagram number of followers:

  • up to 10,000 followers $88 per post
  • 10,000 to 100,000 followers – $200 per post
  • 100,000 to 1,000,000 followers $600 / post
  • 1,000,000plus followers – $3,000+ per post

An Udemy Course on how to be an Influencer

9. Sell Online (Earnings: Unlimited)

mobile commerce as a side hustle

If you’re thinking of attempting to sell any item on the internet, Shopify is the perfect platform for you to begin your e-commerce business. Its easy-to-use app (for Android and iOS) allows you to display your items along with managing your store on your phone.

The amount you earn through your online business will depend on the sales you make and could be indefinite as time passes. However, I recommend that you do not expect huge earnings in the initial few months, and instead focus on the growth of your business.

Here is my full article about eCommerce and another on Selling on Amazon.

10. Scan Barcodes (Earnings: up to $1 or more per trip to the store)

scan bar codes in shops as a side hustle

This involves getting paid for scanning barcodes of items you purchase on popular marketplaces like Amazon.

a) Shopkick

If you shop online or in stores, the Shopkick app allows you to get gift cards from top merchants like Amazon as well as Uber.

Six ways for you to make “kicks'” via Shopkick: Shopkick:

  1. Enter select partner stores including Best Buy, Amazon, etc.
  2. Scan qualifying product barcodes
  3. Provide a receipt for the purchase
  4. Pay with linked cards
  5. Purchase online
  6. Watch videos in The App and earn rewards for finding new products

Shopkick rewards typically amount to 250 kicks for every dollar. 2,500 kicks = $10 gift card, 6,250 kicks = $25, etc.

In Conclusion

Making money with your smartphone is one of the best side hustle ideas you can start. We have listed our top 10 places you can start earning from. Now you know that you can still make something out of that device in your hand.

The great thing is that some of these platforms only require you to do the same things you already love to do like playing games, testing apps, shopping, etc.

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