Can Your Website Do With More Traffic?

I suppose your answer would be in the affirmative. Who wouldn’t want a boost to their online business? Traffic is the single most important source of clients for every digital business.

But the issue remains how to get these site visitors to always pour into your website. A lot of digital marketers make all forms of promises, but they end up not being able to deliver.

Truth is, there are many different ways to generate online traffic, each with a varying degree of success. Knowing where to start, what works now, and where the trend points to will mean the difference for the success of your internet business.

While paid digital adverts will get you a rush of traffic, they also stop as soon as you stop paying for the ads. This is a good way if you have the long-term finance to carry on with it.

However, SEO on the other hand has proven to be a long-term and consistent source of internet visitors. It’s the most recommended source of consistent traffic.

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Doing SEO following the over 200 Google factors that will give you the SERPS ranking that will bring in the traffic is not an all-comers affair. If done right it works, but if done wrongly, your website can even be penalized by search engines.

In digital marketing, there are other sources of web traffic, like social media, email marketing, and content marketing. Each comes with its own intrigues and techniques. How many of them can you reliably master? Do Can you give them the energy and time required to get the best?

Even as experienced as I and my team are, it’s still difficult for us to truly go through the over 400 factors required for all the traffic getting tricks.

This means that you, whose job is not to do full-time digital marketing will barely scratch the surface. What does this mean? It means that you will not optimize your website to get all the traffic it can.

This also means that those that do, will then outrank you and get more traffic and revenue for their online business, while your lag behind.

However, you still have the chance to let us use our proven knowledge to work on your website and draw as many site visitors as it can get. Over the years, we have mastered these things and we are willing to deploy them to work for you. ARE YOU READY FOR MORE TRAFFIC?

Sources of Web Traffic

There are different ways and tactics to draw traffic to every website. The one to use depends on the website and other things. But there are some that are basic to use, no matter the website.

Here are the different sources of website visitors that we use to send online visitors to our client websites.

Search Engine Traffic

Traffic from search engines like google is the holy grail of web visitors. It is what every website owner wants. Yet it is the most difficult due to the competition.

The higher your page climbs on the SERPS, the more traffic you get from the search engine. The result on the number #1 position on the SERSP for a given keyword gets approximately 33% of clicks. And this is free organic traffic.

At, I and my team of SEO experts have mastered the over 200 optimization factors which google and other search engines use in ranking a website. We have used these factors to rank many websites and get them tons of organic traffic.

search engine traffic

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Traffic

search engine traffic

This refers to visitors attracted to a website by means of paid online adverts. This sees a rush of traffic while the advert runs. The placement can be on search engines, social media, or other web properties.

While on the surface this sounds like what money can easily buy, you also have to know that it can also quickly become an easy waste of money. Online ads need to be optimized to get proper returns for money spent.

Knowing various factors and bidding processes connected to advertising on the internet, as well as what platforms to use for best results based on the website niche is paramount.

Our clients have consistently enjoyed maximum benefits for the buck. Won’t you want to benefit also?

Social Media Traffic

Social media traffic involves getting site visitors from social media. While this might also include paid social media visitors, we are mostly looking at organic traffic from social media.

This goes beyond your everyday random social media posts. Professionally done social engagement can be a steady source of organic traffic for your online business.

From scheduling to automation to timing, diversification, and engagements, knowing what and where to do per your specific type of internet business is what we are all about at

With our social media agency team, we have amassed the know-how, tools, and most importantly the experienced experts to ensure getting traffic from social media is a breeze and smooth as clockwork. This is what our clients have come to expect from us.

social media web traffic

eMail Traffic

email traffic

A knowledgeable email agency can flood your online business with traffic from emails. Due to personalization, email is one of the best sources of traffic.

But knowing the steps and having the tools and experienced manpower is the key. My team and I at email marketing agency know the intrigues needed to use email marketing for traffic.

From list building to segmentation, engagement, consistent messaging, and other things that make up a winning email campaign, you are sure to get the traffic that will grow your business.

Referral Traffic

A lot of digital marketers have ruined the rankings of many websites and caused them to be penalized by search engines due to misuse and abuse of what they thought were smart referral traffic sources.

By pumping backlinks from directories,  guest posting from questionable sources, commenting with backlinks from blogs, groups, and forums that have been spammed to death to funny press releases from deindexed platforms, it’s easy to see why monies spent on these are pure waste.

Without sounding like a broken record, doing sane things with a different approach has brought in a whole different result for our clients. Find out why we get the results we get.

referral traffic

We Did It For Others

Despite a relatively young website brand, those that know me and my team of digital marketers have trusted us with their web traffic needs, and we have not disappointed.

In fact, we over-deliver on our promise. That is the only way we can stake our authority and bragging rights. We know we have lots of other “marketers-wanna-be” trying to achieve what we do for our clients.

It makes us happy when we see others try to be what we were some months back, The only way we know to keep ahead is by over-delivering and keep sending more traffic to our clients. Here are random testimonials of clients we have impressed on various internet marketing platforms:

web traffic delivery testimonials and reviews

With the traffic pushed by Dede Dan and his team, my earnings grew from $25,000 to $60,000. I have no doubt it will go higher as the traffic keeps growing.

The perceived “risk” of trusting a new agency with a huge traffic budget paid off. From about 300,000, Dede Dan took our traffic to over 840,000 and still rising.

affiliate traffic

Fred Ratcliff
Clickbank Affiliate Marketer

youtube traffic

Christine Webb
Youtube Marketer

We Can Do it For You Too

We would have loved to show you client results, but for our non-disclosure agreements. However, you must know that by trusting me and my team with your web traffic needs, you are in for more than you ever thought possible.

We are not just promising more visitors to your website, but we are also promising qualified users – this is traffic that is tailored to your business needs. These are the type of web users that will convert to customers. GOT THAT RIGHT?

It’s no use sending you traffic that would bounce and not find your business useful to them. These are factors that set us apart. We Have Mastered The Art of Attracting Traffic, so much so that the web users we send to our client businesses is mostly what they dreamt about.

Despite the different consultations we get for different areas of digital marketing weekly, traffic is the bread and butter of It is what we dream to do. Getting Traffic is what gets everyone excited and eager to get going.

But don’t take my word for it. I am certain that having read this far, you are desirous of more web traffic for your business. Great! Now continue reading to the next section to Take The Action that will guarantee that.

Step 1

 Here Is What You Need To Do Now

You will supply simple answers to questions about your business. These are elementary, but basic information which I and my need to know in order to understand what your business is all about. The more accurate you answer them, the better we understand you and your needs. Then ensure you add your best contact details, where can reach you confidentially.

Step 2

Next, Here Is What Will Happen

After you have filled and submitted the form, we will study it, and if need be, I or a member of my traffic team will get back to you to discuss more regarding your business traffic needs. This will enable us to plan our action plan and tailored it to work exactly for your website needs.

This explains why you need to give very accurate answers to the questionnaire. Failure to do so may lead to a faulty action plan. We usually get back to clients within 24 hours. This is exactly how we have been able to get the top results we deliver to our clients.

If you are still serious about the type of quality traffic we will deliver to you, you will understand it clearer after this interaction. Then you will have to decide if you will retain our services.

Whatever you are planning, You need to take the first action. Start by clicking on the button below and fill out the questionnaire. We await you!

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