Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2024

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As we start the new year, there are bound to be new digital marketing trends for 2024. Following how 2023 ended in terms of marketing innovations and trends, it’s inevitable that some old trends will fizzle out or evolve, while new ones will emerge and entrench.

For your business to succeed and make traction this year from how you market your products and services, you need to evolve and follow the new marketing trends and do less of what may not work properly.

Going back to how previous years worked out in marketing, it’s obvious that this new year will also come with new marketing ideas and strategies.

In this article, I will expose you to the new marketing trends you should expect to drive growth for businesses in 2024.

Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2024

Here is our pick of the latest digital marketing trends that will change the way marketing is done online in 2024

Social Media Marketing Trends for 2024

Social media will continue to be one of the top digital marketing trend setters in 2024. In the past decade, it has seen a lot of growth as its rapid adoption continues across all the channels.


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Here are the social media marketing trends you need to familiarize yourself with as we navigate 2024.

Facebook will Remain the top Social Media channel

  1. The world’s number 1 social media network, Facebook will continue to lead the numbers in the social media field. Its 1.0 billion active users make it the undisputed giant in the field. Not even the here today, gone tomorrow negative news could hinder its growth in 2024.The mammoth social medial giant has seen a 77% growth from 2015 to 2020. Going into 2024 and maybe beyond, we expect Facebook to continue its dominance in the social media space, organically and by AD spend.
  2. Facebook organic reach will continue to decline in favor of Facebook paid ADs reach.  The average organic reach for a Facebook post was 5.2% as of the end of 2020. This was down from the 5.5% of 2019 and 7.7% of 2018.
  3. Facebook Algorithm will continue prioritizing its CPRR (Content type, Popularity, Relationship, and Recency) signals in determining what to display to your followers.

How to maximize Facebook Marketing Trends in 2024

  1. Stay updated with facebook’s regular tools releases, so you become one of the early adopters. Facebook always tackles other social networks by immediately replicating their top tools, and they tend to be slack about strictness initially. So you can gain traction by adopting their new tools early enough, which is only possible if you jump in on time and use it to build more connections with your business audience.
  2. Adopt a Facebook marketing strategy that incorporates both organic and paid ADs for maximum efficiency. Organic reach will serve for longevity, while paid ADs will serve for instantaneous goals.
  3. Be sure to remain consistent with the old reliable facebook tools like FB Live, Live Audio Room, FB Groups, etc., as they will retain their status in the league of digital marketing trends.
  4. Concentrate your Facebook marketing around their CPRR algorithm signals:
    – Content-type: use more video and images and fewer outbound links in posts.
    – Post popularity: Create more of the type of posts that gets more engagements and likes.
    – Relationship: Target those that your audience typically interacts with.
    – Recency: Be consistent with posting, because Facebook shows recent posts.
  5. Use social media marketing tools to go further in your Facebook marketing
social media Marketing Trends - world social media usage statistics

Source: Hootsuite

Social Media will increase in the Stories segment

Stories have seen typical growth across many social media platforms, and this trend will continue to rise as a top digital marketing trend heading into 2024.

With Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories, Youtube stories, Snapchat Stories, Twitter Fleets (Stories), Pinterest Stories, and LinkedIn Stories, which will all witness user adoption, we expect them to gain more love and to be adopted by more social networks.

To take advantage of this social media stories trend in 2024, you have to include it as one of your top social media marketing strategies.

Social commerce will increase with Shoppable Posts

Going into 2024, we expect social ecommerce to continue to rise, following its impressive figures from 2023. It is widely estimated that social shopping will rise astronomically, and shoppable social commerce will lead the charge with about $70 Billion by 2023.

You must not wait till 2023 to cut a piece of the pie. This 2024 is the perfect time to draw up your shoppable posts marketing strategy, test it and perfect it, even as your audience gets used to it for easier adaptability.

Even dropshipping will experience a reasonable rise on social media.

Online Advertising Trends for 2024

Digital advertising will continue its bullish growth in 2024. This is inevitable as the platforms continue to innovate and make the results of their products to be even more attractive to businesses and brands.

Here are the digital marketing trends in the online advertising segment that you need to know for possible adoption in 2024.

Expect more Automated PPC Campaigns

The big digital platforms like Google, Facebook, and Youtube will continue adopting automated PPC (Paid Per Click) mechanisms to serve their clients in order to retain their market share.

This is made possible by machine learning using available big data at their disposal. Expect advertising bidding, targetting, and ADs placement to see some sort of AI-inspired automation going into 2024.

To take advantage of this trend, you need to keep abreast of the latest PPC updates in the digital space and use those available to you. It’s sure going to be a win-win situation. Only those who refuse to join will be left behind.

Paid Social Advertising will boom

As organic social media reach continues its yearly decline, the networks are pushing businesses and brands to adopt paid social media advertising. We expect this trend to continue in 2024. As usual, Facebook will lead the spending with its mammoth number of registered users being very active.

As an important digital marketing trend, expect more social advertising features and solutions to be launched by the platforms to make it both easier for advertisers and also to make it more result-oriented.

To maximize your social media advertising results, you need to master the art of targeting and user conversion techniques. You will have to spend to succeed on social media, but you need to spend wisely by ensuring your matrix is all bang on target and in tune with 2024.

Influencer marketing will continue to rise


Source: Influencer Marketing Benchmark Report 2021

Influencer marketing will continue to entrench in 2024, following its pandemic-inspired boom of last year. In the US alone, eMarketer estimates that influencer marketing will grow to $4 billion this year.

You will need to access and define if influencer marketing is a good option for your business type, as it’s more suited to some types of businesses than others.

If it does, you need to identify your target audience, and then determine the influencer that will resonate with them.

Does the influencer have followership in your target niche audience? Are these audiences actively engaging with the influencer? Does the influencer resonate with your target audience?

When you are able to answer most of these questions to your liking, you can then choose the influencer to partner with for effective marketing in 2024.

Search Trends for 2024

Search engine optimization will see minimal but important trend adjustment in 2024. This digital marketing trend will mostly be focused on making the online search easier for the users, particularly, mobile users.

On the inside though, expect some tightening up of ranking signals and factors before your website will ride high on the search engine result pages for your keywords. As usual, this will be led by the big Google with a capital G!

Visual Search will increase

Step aside text and voice search (well, literally). The time for visual search has come. Visual search involves users taking and uploading images to Google, which will process the image and display related results.

According to Gartner, brands that redesigned aspects of their websites to support voice and visual search were expected to increase revenue from digital commerce by 30%.

The Global Visual Search Market is estimated to surpass $14,000m by 2023. While this figure may not look that high, it is the culture adoption that the big networks want to instill.

As fierce as the competition for visual search by the big networks have been, (Google, Pinterest, and Microsoft’s Bing), the trend is primed to grow even more in 2024.

Messaging and chatting Trends for 2024

In 2023 users expected and got some sort of personal interaction from businesses and brands when they visited their online platforms. Due to this trend, developers are putting the technology together to help businesses and brands to satisfy their users even more by developing messaging and chat apps to suit.

Business messaging will become more personalized

Marketing has become more personalized, as users have come to expect some sort of human interaction in recent years. Interaction with brands on their platforms will continue to be more personalized and less formal.

AI-powered chatbots will become more common

To catch up with the demand for some sort of human interaction that will surely expand in 2024, AI-powered chatbots and messaging systems will proliferate and become more mainstream, as it’s practically impossible to have enough human staff to support visitors 24/7.

More social messaging apps will boom

Following in the success stories of online marketing trends like Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, and other messaging platforms, expect even more social messaging apps to make it to use mobile devices.

Businesses and brands are going after the last users to ensure they grab as much as possible in a fierce marketing world.

Content marketing trends for 2024

In 2024, content will continue to be the king of online marketing! But what type of content will lead this kingship? We expect video to lead the charge, but it will not knock off written content just yet this year.

Top Digital Marketing Trends content marketing types and results


Here are the blogging content marketing trends that will shape digital marketing going into 2024.

Engaging Content Will Increase, As Attention Span decreases

Fact is, there is so much content available online, and users are spoilt for choice. To set yourself apart, you need to adopt what works. And the type of content that worked in 2023 was engaging content of various types.

You need to create content that can engage with the users in order to win and keep them from further searching around. This is the only way to increase the ever-decreasing user attention span.

More Video Content, More Results

Video is going to be even more important in 2024 following from its impressive 2023. This trend is riding on the back of mobile phone penetration and the share number of choices available to users, even as data prices plumate.

According to Wyzowl, 84% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video 72% of businesses said that video marketing improved their rates of conversion, even as 70% of consumers confirmed sharing videos by a brand.

Forbes predicts that streaming TV platforms and social media networks will introduce new advertising products centered around video. If video content is not already a core piece of your 2022 digital marketing strategy.

This is the time to take video marketing seriously if you haven’t been doing so already. Consider live streams. vlogs, product tutorials, user-generated content, product reviews, interviews or Q&As, webinars, etc. as video content ideas to adopt in 2024.

Web design trends for 2024

Own websites remain the fulcrum of most digital marketing strategies. As expected, it will have its own trends going into 2024. Here listed are some of the most important trends for web design for this year.

Hackers will attempt more website breaches

Following from their nefarious successes in previous years, website hackers and cybercriminals will continue their trade this 2024. Following the inexperience and lackadaisical attitude of website owners towards security, hackers have successfully increased their ability to break into websites and commit all sorts of ills.

Expect such a trend to continue in 2024, but hopefully not with you and your business website. Read this article to learn how to secure your website before it’s too late.

Websites will see more AI-Powered Optimization

Artificial intelligence has come to stay and will find more uses in our everyday lives, marketing inclusive. Following in its successes of previous years, AI-powered website optimization will see some modest improvements in 2024.

UX or user experience is one top search ranking factor, and AI is one sure way to provide this to your users. AI-backed web design trends to expect in 2024 include keyword discovery using AI keyword tools, link building opportunities, content creation and optimization for various use cases, SEO optimization for search intent and more, and correcting content for great readability using tools like Grammarly.

Browser Push Notifications will proliferate

With over 85% of online stores using push notifications in 2020, the trend has seen a steady rise in recent times and will continue in this trajectory.

Top Digital Marketing Trends Browser Push Notifications

When you consider that browser push notifications are seen instantly, compared to emails that are opened on average in 6.4 hours after receiving, you will then understand why it’s being adopted as a top marketing trend.

Expect to see even more use cases for browser push as a digital marketing trend in 2024 like:
– inclusion of CTAs and images to maximize the rate of conversion.
– Using behavior triggered push notifications such as abandoned shopping carts to re-engage people.
– Re-engage users who visited specific pages and showed specific interest but left without converting (Eg. viewed product/service).

Covid-19 Pandemic will continue to influence business decisions

Just when the world thought that the pandemic was slowing down, the Omicron variant surfaces with its own problems for businesses. More Local businesses will embrace GMB and other Listing platforms for marketing.

Expect more work to be fulfilled remotely and other smart marketing ideas that became mainstream in 2023 to continue in popularity during 2024, if the pandemic remains.

In Conclusion

2024 will be the year when digital marketing trends will be adopted intelligently. Businesses and brands who fail in this quest will find themselves so far back, that it will take them some serious time, effort, and resources to claw their way back. Key into these latest trends now to future-proof your business.

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